Volume 7 Issue 2 (2018)

Language Multicultural Education in the Ethno-Regional Context

pp. 118-122  |  Published Online: June 2018  |  DOI: 10.22521/edupij.2018.72.2

Anzhelina A. Koriakina


The article is focused on the problem of language multicultural education in the ethno-regional context. The content of the problem is revealed through its constituent concepts "multicultural education" and "language multicultural education". Language multicultural education in the ethno-regional context is considered as a process of acquiring knowledge about ethno-cultural diversity of the co-studied languages countries and the relationships between cultures in the modern multicultural world through polylogue of cultures. It is revealed that language multicultural education in the ethno-regional context is characterized by a number of features: polylogue of three linguocultures at the regional, state and global levels; equal polylogue of cultures, built on mutual respect of cultures involved in contact; ethno-cultural component focused on formation of a representative of a particular ethnic group and multicultural component, whose purpose is creation of a person of universal culture.

Keywords: multicultural education, language multicultural education, ethno-regional context, polylogue of cultures


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